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Set Reminders To Yourself To Do Your Chores And Find More Time As A Result

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By setting priorities and goals for ourselves when it comes to our household chores and making a dedicated commitment to meet those goals, we also benefit from reduced stress levels and increased the free time to pursue those things we like to do, or do nothing at all should we choose. What do you need to do?

First, write down all the things that need to be done in order of their importance. The greater the importance of the task, the higher it goes on the list. Put your distractions in their place, which is at the very bottom of the list, after all, your chores have been successfully completed.

Second, do not look at a big task as a big task.  Break it up into smaller more manageable segments.  Commit to completing it a segment at a time. If needed make an outline before and as you accomplish each part of the outline, check it off. Pretty soon you will have a crossed-off outline and one large project effectively and efficiently completed.  This works especially well to tackle the chores we’re dreading the most. We can easily handle an unpleasant task if we know it’s for a short time and in small doses.

Third, have all your materials and supplies ready before you begin. Use a daily schedule and have it with you all the time. If needed, post reminders to yourself inconspicuous spots, and commit to others verbally that you’ll complete the project.  But most importantly, commit to yourself that you’ll complete the project.

Once those are done, all you need to do is celebrate, pat yourself on the back, smile, and let yourself enjoy the completion of even the smallest of tasks. Don’t minimize your efforts; recognize even the smallest accomplishment.