Convert Your Attic Into A Bathroom!

Do you face a problem when there are not enough bathrooms in the morning for the whole family? Have you ever thought about adding some more bathrooms in your house? Of course the only solution will be constructing another one. But, instead of making a new room in the house, why not try to turn the attic into a bathroom?

Having an attic in your house is a big advantage. You can convert it into any other living spaces if you needed one. One of the idea is to turn the attic into a bathroom. Does it sound crazy? Nope! All you need is a planning. Always keep in mind that every attic renovation must go with a thorough planning. The only key to successfully make this happen is by creating a calculated design which will help you to maximise the usage of every square metre of the attic.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.32.20 AM.png

You must have a consultation with an architect or a professional contractor to discuss the construction. For example, you certainly can’t build a bathroom without a shower. But, how can you build one from none? How can a shower fit in the attic? That’s why ensure yourself to have a consultation with the pros. Have a thorough calculation about the dimension of the attic, head rooms, and more before undertaking the work.

There are so many types of bathroom to choose, you can go for the wet room style shower to increase the use of the space. Start creating the design through a consultation with a good supplier on the showerhead and tiles. Look for anyone who can give advices to make the room keep bright and feel spacious.

If you ever thought to install a bathtub in your attic, make sure the structure in the bottom can hold the weight. That’s why converting your attic needs a thorough calculation. You must avoid your attic from having an overweight by the bathroom materials. These also goes to a toilet and vanity table. You must ensure yourself that everything can be supported by the structure. If this is not possible, try to repair the structure strength first.

Since there are various kinds of woods that are engineered to be used in the bathroom, you can even use the same material for the flooring. However, homeowners shall apply oil to the woods’ surfaces if they use woods as the bathroom materials in the attic. This is to protect the woods from getting direct splash of water.

Woods can also be painted using a specific formulated bathroom paint with a plastic base. This type of paint is also water resistant so it can easily be wiped down when wet.

Turn the sloping walls into shelves! You can easily use them to store your towels and other linen. You can also put other bathroom amenities or decorations there.

Do you remember about the consultation part in the beginning? You must also discuss the electricity and plumbing to the experts. Make sure all of them are connected to the nearest source possible. You also have to ensure that it is possible to install plumbing and electricity to the attic. You also have to discuss more about lighting and heater, especially for a cold weather situation.

Every bathroom requires a ventilation fan. Without one, you will have a foggy bathroom with molds grow in between the grouts, damp towels everyday and the paint will eventually peel off the walls. Avoid this kind of situation by choosing the right fan for your bathroom. Choose a fan based on the size of the room. You must also pay attention to the sound produced by the fan. Find a fan with the least noise possible so you will never get any complaints from your neighbors.

Another thing you must concern about renovating an attic is to build a better access. It should be wider or bigger, whichever is necessary. Make the access safe by installing anti-slip pads on the staircase. This is to avoid anyone from getting into an accident after coming out from the shower.

Before you can even think about turning your attic into a bathroom, get yourself all the right permits from the local council office. If you don’t own any building skills to make this happen by yourself, don’t cost your safety at risk! Hire a contractor immediately to undertake the job for you. Look for a professional contractor who experienced in converting the attic. Make sure that the contractor has already been working for a very long time and reliable to do the job properly.

Creating a control plan and design will also help you with the budget. Once you have all details in order, you will manage to achieve the desirable result. Converting an attic will be overwhelming at the beginning, but you must endure it! The result will be amazing.


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