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July 7th. DPAD 2 (directions in play/art/design) @ Interaccess.

June 28, 2012

I just got back from Winnipeg, where I curated the exhibition Reset: Post Consumer Gamer Culture (you can read a review of the show here), and where I VJed at the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition.   While these events where being installed and unfolding, I also began to work on the promotion for DPAD (Directions in Play/Art/Design)2, a game/art event series I host at Interaccess in Toronto.   Now only 9 days away, DPAD 2 features a host of game makers, artists and musicians who play with the aesthetics, forms and technologies of video games.

Designed to be a series of one off events, DPAD features new artists with every iteration, each one bringing something new to the discussion of game cultures as art cultures.

Due to trying to prep for the show; below you’ll find the description of the event from the Interaccess Events page.  Although I will add that I am very happy to be featuring Anna Anthropy as our guest artist this time around.

Featuring musical performances by:

with live and interactive 8bit visuals by mrghosty.

Game Art / Art Games:

  • Night of the Balloonist (with custom 1 button, 4 player controller). Spooky Squid Games.
  • Minimal Mario (Super Mario Bros. ROMhack, reducing the game to its most basic elements). Patater.
  • Murder Command (Kinect AR homebrew game). Matt Gillies
  • Leaky World: A playable Theory (game adaptation of Julian Assange’s Conspiracy as Governance Essay, made for the Wikileak stories project). Molleindustria.

8 bit artworks by Alina Sechkin

Featured guest artist for Dpad 2:

Anna Anthropy’s Keep Me Occupied. – Originally created for the Oakutron, Keep Me Occupied is a videogame about working together: two players play it at a time, ascending a building by holding gates open for each other. but after sixty seconds, each player leaves a ghost of herself behind to occupy the last gate she touched, holding it open for future players. so every player who plays, no matter how unskilled, contributes to the collective success of all players.

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