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October Round Up Part 2: Data Dance Forest City Zone 1.

November 4, 2011


On October 15th,  I packed a bunch of Toronto ChipMusicians into a Van and we went down to London Ontario for the first Data Dance to happen since I left Winnipeg.   Due to London being known as the “Forest City”, the connection with Sonic for the poster was a no brainer for me.   Data Dance: Forest City Zone 1 occurred at the APK Live, a fantastic venue and was presented in partnership with the guys at the Games Day Podcast, a local podcast on games, gaming, gamer culture.

Music was provided by a talented set of gents: Starpilot, .exe, Bossfyte,  (pictured above rocking some MarioKart after soundcheck!) with visuals and Djing by me.  We populated the APK with indie games, multiplayer games, and Vintage games;  MarioKart Double Dash, Castle Crashers, Rain+Bow, MarvelVs.Capcom 2, and Atari 7800 with a bunch of games, and BossFyte’s very own game, Beatill’s Adventure.

Here’s a clip of .exe doing his chip music thing, with vis by me:

and here’s another clip of BossFyte and their cover of 7 Nation Army:

sadly not enough memory on my camera to capture StarPilot’s set on video, but trust me the man gives a great show!

A couple of attendees playing Qbert.

One of the things I’ve really noticed about these shows, having done a number of them at this point, is that the most successful games are always the MultiPlayer (more than 2) player games.   Which actually doesn’t surprise me.  You know for all those detractors out there who always beat that same drum,  about video game players being anti-social etc; well after having been programming shows like this for a while I can safely say that games are social activities,  they bring us together, to interact and to play with one another.

So all in all a great night.   Got to see some old friends, met a bunch of new ones, played some games, danced around and planted the seeds to further events in London Town.   Forest City Zone 2?  Coming soon!

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