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Giant Game Boy in Minecraft plays stop motion Link’s Awakening.

October 19, 2011

This brilliant construction of a giant GameBoy comes to us from the YouTube channel maintained by MineCrafta2z.  In addition to this stop motion gem, you’ll find stop motion Tetris Animations done on the giant gameboy as well.   As of yet I have never “played” Minecraft, only because I feel like if i get into an open world where the game goals are ones that I set for myself, that I will probably embark on one of those epic construction projects like so many Minecraft users do.   With gradschool kicking my butt right now, it’s a time investment I simply can’t make.

But as a phenomenon, Minecraft fascinates me.  Yesterday in one of my Graduate classes on Digital Culture, I gave my first ever seminar.  It was based on a reading of Olly Sotamaa’sWhen the Game is Not Enough: Motivations and Practices among Computer Game Modding Culture.”  An interesting piece that looks at Operation Flashpoint and it’s mod scene.  It deals with issues related to the interactions between modders (fans) and the company that created the game.  And about the interactions between PC game companies and how they either facilitate modding in their games.   This got me to thinking about how Minecraft operates as a game and thus far in relation to other games, it seems to me to be the most accessible model for “modding” I’ve seen yet in game culture.

And what I mean by that is the fact that Minecraft (keeping in mind as of yet I haven’t played it) leaves the goals of the game ultimately up to the player.  Build whatever you want, avoid teh creepers, but create your own world within the world. This idea of creating one’s own playspace is something that modder culture has been doing for a long time by making missions/ levels/ add-ons/ game assets/ total conversions etc.  No wonder so many people have gotten behind MineCraft.  It’s built for this, from the very beginning.  And as grad school kicks my ass, I’m hoping to integrate more of what I’m studying into this blog, as a way of keeping it up. I have scores of articles and ideas prepped, but with school having trouble finding the time to get to  them.  :P.

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