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Suzuki Xbox 360 concept car.

June 2, 2011

this post is related to a post I wrote last year about the Scion/ Giant Robot collaboration called the “Famicar“, which was a very well designed concept car based on the Nintendo Famicom system.   Today I found out that years ago, IGN, Suzuki and the Xbox folks teamed up to create an Xbox 360 concept car, complete with in dash game console, a controller that is built into the center of the steering wheel,  flip down screens on both driver and passenger side sunshades, and DUAL video projectors, one that fires an image into the rear of the car, which has a pull out rear projection screen, so you can pull out a couple of lawn chairs and play behind the car AND one front facing projector which projects onto the inside of the car’s hood to create an ad hoc screen when the hood is raised.

You know, I’ve never been one for car culture at all, in fact I’m in my mid 30’s and I don’t even have my license, however I do appreciate a solid, well integrated design and this car has definitely got that.

You can read more about the car here.

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