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game culture’s fundraising efforts to aid Japan.

March 17, 2011

(image by Daruma studio.)

Last week’s earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan has been something that’s been preoccupying me as of late.   Not simply the current fears and anxieties around the Fukushima nuclear facility, but the scope and scale of the disaster.   I’ve had moments where I’ve been overwhelmed by the thoughts of what it must have been like to those who’s last moments must have been simply terrifying as that tsunami struck, for their families, for the survivors and those still searching for the nearly 10 000 people that are still “missing”.   It’s one of those events that those of us elsewhere witnessed through the media, and yet much of that media came from average Japanese citizens caught in the deluge.    And now while the people of Japan stuggle to cope, survive and rebuild,  many elsewhere are doing what they can to help them out.   Here are a couple of projects going on through various companies and communities related to gamer culture that you can donate to, to help out.

Games and Graphics reported that Capcom and Sega are donating all the proceeds for the sales from some of their iOS games :  Street Fighter 4, and Sonic games, until March 22nd.  So if you don’t have those games on your iWhatever,  purchase a couple and help out. Fanboy is reporting that Sega had already donated 200 million Yen to the RedCross, Capcom had donated a 100 million, and other game companies such as Sony and Nintendo (300million yen each), and Konami and Namco (100 million yen each).

The folks over at the chiptune site TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH, have created a compilation by asking chiptune artists to donate tracks for a compilation free to anyone who donates to Japan through a First Giving fundraiser they’ve started. Just about every veteran of the chiptune scene has donated a track, along with a large number of emerging artists as well.   If you’re into chiptune and want a large compilation of quality tracks, donate what you can.   Even if you’re not into chiptune, please give what you can to help out.

And many a game blog has been reporting on this unique fundraiser being spearheaded by CCP Games.

CCP is best known for it’s MMO EVE ONLINE.  Eve is one of those huge MMOs that has it’s own currency that even has exchange rates to our real world currency.   CCP has created a system where EVE gamers can donate their PLEX, short for Pilot License EXtension, which is the credit system for gamers to buy more game play time.  They accomplish this by spending ISK (the currency in the EVE world).   So if gamers want to spend their ISK (which can be made in the game), to buy PLEX, these PLEX credits will then be converted into offline world currency  by CCP and donated to the relief effort.   (more info here).  It would be nice to see a company like Blizzard take a similar initiative with its gamers in the World of Warcraft.

And lastly, here’s a fundraiser that has a slightly more personal bent.  Game Informer contributor Megan Marie has put up for auction on ebay her original Nintendo DS, which has been signed by some of Nintendo’s most luminary figures, including Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo and more.   So far the auction is at about $2500 Us, with four days left on it.  So if you’ve got the money, this is a great way to contribute.

It’s great to see people in the gaming community making an effort to help out.

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