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custom game character action figures.

February 28, 2011

Years ago, I used to read a lot of ToyFare / Wizard magazines back when I collected action figures and comics.   I have since gotten out of collecting such things (for the most part, until something shiny catches my eye anyway), but one of the sections in those magazines that I used to love where the ones that featured custom action figures, created not by professional figure sculptors, but by fans themselves.   The practice always fascinated me.  Why would anyone bother to create their own custom made action figures?   In some cases, perhaps it’s because the creators’ favorite characters were never produced as one, or perhaps they’ve found the figures that were released somehow inadequate.    Whatever the case, the custom action figure practice is one that I find fairly captivating.    More than that, I am constantly impressed by the high caliber craftsmanship that man custom figure creators possess.     This morning I was doing my usual having morning coffee, randomly wandering geek culture sites in search of amusement while I warmed up my noggin for the day’s work.    I came across the custom work of Rick Dries, from NJ.    Over at the digital press forums, he goes by the user name Fugazi.

Now here is one of those custom figure creators who has produced some high quality work.    He claims that he has won several e-awards (though none are cited), and with the calibre of his work I can see why.  Here’s a spread from the 254th issue of Nintendo Power that featured some of his customs:

featured in the issue were his custom figures based on 2 classic NES video games;  Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and the 1986 release Pro-Wrestling.   Here are the sets of those in greater detail:

No details from him on what figures/ sculpts he used to accomplish these two sets, but as someone who appreciates completism, I very much appreciate the work that has gone into these creations.   EVERY character from both games?   Stellar stuff, Rick!

He has of course created other custom figures based on other properties from gaming culture,  here’s his custom Duke Nukem Fig:

and his custom “Doom Zombie” (if you’ve ever played Doom, you’ll recognize this guy as the generic human zombie that attacks you like ALL the time):

And lastly, here is Rick’s custom figures based on Donkey Kong, complete with a small diorama to display them:

and a detail shot of “jumpman” (who we all know as the progenitor to Mario):

Now that is one angry plumber.

I’ve dabbled myself a little in the custom figure world (mostly with Lego) but I’ve never come close to the kind of detail and polished professional look that creators such as Rick Dries has achieved.   Brilliant stuff.  In the future, I’ll be posting more collections of some of the great custom game themed figures I’ve found on my ‘net adventures.

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