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skyscapes and skyline sculptures made with computer parts.

January 26, 2011

[via coolthings]

Urban spaces are often associated with technology.  Marvels of engineering made of steel and glass towering above, each floor filled with people moving about, networked together through computers, Cat5 cabling, phones, fax machines etc etc.  Never mind all the people bustling about with their own portable devices.   Sculpture Franco Recchia has taken the idea of the technologized urban space and created a number of sculptures based on famous skylines, using nothing but the parts and guts of old computers.

The above is a representation of the Pittsburgh Skyline, rendered almost completely with various heatsinks.

This is “Central Park” created with tonnes of old Ram, chips and heatsinks.

This is “New York 2″ made of motors, housing, old tubes,etc.

Here’s a quote from his site: “Recchia seeks in his sculptures to bring dignity to the process of modern creation, to highlight how every product produced by human hands contains talent, imagination and great beauty, and ultimately stems from the vast reservoir of human experience of which we are all a part. His sculptures are indeed a testament to what is beautiful, elegant and functional in the modern object, and are a tribute to the aptitude and passion that are our inheritance.”

His work is one that we often see with comporary art, the repurposing of vintage technologies to create new works of art.    Typically, the works that I have been preoccupied with are people who use vintage computers, gaming systems etc, are people that utilize the software and hardware of these machines to create new media works.  But I’m always fascinated by a practice that takes the physical objects and casts them in a new light.   These sculptures act as a tribute to our contemporary urban landscapes as well as the technologies that enabled them to grow into being.

You can see more of his work at the agora gallery website.

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