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Mario for your home and office…

January 26, 2011

Oh the ubiquity of Mario.  I was thinking about something earlier this morning.   In his 25 years of life, I wonder exactly how much Mario merchandise, marketing tie ins etc have been created, consumed, discarded etc.   I would hazard a guess that he has more bits of plastic formed in his image over any other video game character that’s come along that’s for sure. I wonder if somewhere in the bowels of Nintendo headquarters if there’s a list of everything his image has ever graced, or if the company has forgotten about so much of it.    Regardless, Mario is one of the most recognizable icons of video game culture and he’s stood at the forefront of that culture for a quarter century.    There is so much fan art based on Mario that it boggles the mind.    Today I found a few items that I think are quite remarkable.  The first are these Mario themed filing cabinets by Deviant Art user Nintentofu.

Apparently these are just renders and not actual finish products, but they’re pretty fantastic if you ask me.    They hybridize images from Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 2.    I just hope that when the “?” drawers are opened, that they are full of coins or mushrooms.

The 2nd set of images I wanted to share are some 8 bit and Mario themed quilts by Deviant Art user marquise-craft.

Here we have a Dr.Mario quilt, a Princess Peach quilt and a 1up.   Marquise-Craft has also made quilts from Zelda (Link and Zelda), Sonic, Kirby, a NES controller and more.

It never ceases to amaze me the time and energy that people put into creative projects based on video game properties.

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