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2010 Mod-of-the-Year Awards Competition.

November 29, 2010

The folks over at MODDB are hosting the 2010 mod-of-the year awards.   Any modders out there wishing to submit their PC game mods have until Jan 1, 2011.

Although I don’t have a lot of exposure to modded PC games, as I’m generally a console/ handheld gamer, there have been a few this year that I’ve seen that were pretty incredible.  But my top vote has to be for the Map created for Left4Dead that takes the survivors from Valve’s zombie apocalypse FPS and throws them into the Helm’s Deep Fortress from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Gone are the goblins, trolls and hairy footed hobbits, swords and bows and arrows.  Instead we get hordes of flesh eating zombies, gattling guns, grenades and other more modern implements of destruction.

and for those who play L4D on their PC, you can download the map here and play this level for yourself.  And then I am humbled when i see the breadth of homemade maps on Left4Dead mapsdotcom.  The sidebar has categories for just about any map theme/ genre you can think of, including having your survivors fight zombies on the moon, mars, the realm from the orig Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, MarioWorld, the artic, the list goes on.   And here I am playing L4D on an Xbox 360 and getting bored with the limited number of campaign levels in that version of the game.

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