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Q+A with Don Miller aka NoCarrier…

October 26, 2010

(via partytime! hexcellent!)

Motherboard has posted an interview with NOCarrier, who created the glitchnes open source VJ software for the NES. The interview discusses how NES artists work much like chiptune artists or demoscene artists in that they are trying to create new works using limited technologies… At some point someone needs to write a Dogme ’95-esque manifesto for this kind of work. The Dogme filmmakers set about to create a set of limitations to work within to create their films; I guess the difference here is that the limitations are external ones put upon the artist by the technology… either way I give much respect to the artists working with the hardware right now (it’s something I’ve been trying to get to as I set up my own studio space)…. This winter I plan on circuit bending my first vintage gaming console for VJing.. something that was much inspired by artists such as NoCarrier and NoTendo (who actually uses a bent nintendo to create visuals live).

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