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from the mind behind L4D NES, comes NES DJ Hero.

October 4, 2010

Eric Ruth, the man behind the 8 bit de-make of Zombie Shooter Left for Dead is working on a new project.   NES DJ Hero.  Yes folks, an 8 bit version of DJ Hero, featuring full on chiptune mashups of pop songs, rock songs and hopefully a ton of other great music madness.  It’s no secret among my friends how much of a fan of DJ Hero I became.  *sometimes I think I’m a fan of nearly every music game ever made, but I digress.   I am eager to get my hands on the ROM of this game when Eric finishes it, in the meantime I’ll be happy with this video of gameplay footage, featuring a mashup chiptune style of Queen’s We Will Rock You and Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll.  (also note in the menu screen there are 2 other mixes revealed; one is “Lewis vs. Parker Jr” and the other is “Gabriel and Loggins”.   For what it’s worth I predict those to be Huey Lewis’ Power of Love mixed with the Ghostbusters theme and Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer mixed with Kenny Loggins’ Footloose. (or so I hope).

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