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Gr8 Bits Show Version 1.2 @ the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

September 9, 2010

We’re doing it again! After our inaugural Gr8 Bits show @ AceArt Inc in July, we’ve been asked to do it again as part of the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s all night NUIT BLANCHE CELEBRATIONS!!!
At Midnight on Saturday Sept 25th, We’ll be taking over the WAG’s Skylight Lounge to share our unique artwork based on the culture and technology of video games.

the evening will feature art by:

mrghosty – demonstrating his DDRVJC (Dance Dance Revolution VJ Contoller) and his VJ drums installations, where participants dance or drum to create live audio visual compositions.
murray toews – “Lost in Thought”, a process-driven animation and the dismantling of the video game.
rylaan gimby – demonstrating his custom tagtool drawing / video manipulation installation.
Andrew Milne – live video mixing using vintage gaming consoles and custom gear.
Cut Stickens- live music compositions based on sampling 8 bit video game sounds in realtime.
decade forward – chiptune DJing from a custom handheld video game DJ rig.

You can check out the listing of all the great NUIT BLANCHE stuff happening at the WAG that night here.
A wee bit more about the Gr8 Bits show, including a programming statement can be found here.
And a short video demo of the first Gr8 Bits show can be found here.

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